Video Testimonials from Our Patients

Testimonials from Our Patients

September 2007- from A.N. (customer)

During a very difficult time with my Mom who suffers from dementia, National Staffing provided immediate support services so that we could spend our time looking for alternative living arrangements. The care and compassion from the staff was very comforting during that stressful time.

October 2007 - from C.E. (customer)

This is a letter of recognition for A.W. (employee) who has taken care of our father for the last year in capacity of Home Health Aide with your company. Our 93 year old father is currently a resident in an assisted living facility, and it is with our sincere thanks and gratitude that we provide this letter concerning Ms. W's excellent record of care with our father. The highest commendation we can give A (the employee) is that we have entrusted her with the care of our father, and she has never let us down or caused one bit of worry. Thank you for your continued interaction with our family.

Re: Your Employee, L.K., LPN from JK (customer)

LK came to us when we desperately needed help with my father's special catheter needs. She filled that special need and has taken care of him for the past year. It is with our sincere thanks and gratitude that we acknowledge her excellent level of service and care.

Letter to Tina Lupi-Smith, the owner, from J.O. (customer)

We want to thank you and your staff for all you have done over the last year to help our father make the transition from living alone to assisted living. We have enjoyed working with you and thank you so much for all the help you have given us, your innovations in problem solving, and the way you respected him and his various problems as they presented themselves. He believes that all your girls come because they are his friends and are not paid to "help" him. What a sweet way to live our our last years.