Staffing & Home Care Subcontractor Services

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(734) 449-9050
PO Box 160, Whitmore Lake MI 48189

Information for Subcontractor Services:

  1. Payroll is every 2 weeks calendar attached.
  2. Payroll is electronically deposited by ADP into a bank account. Please contact the office 734.449.4050 or email
  3. If you want a background check done please contact office and we can supply you with the paperwork for it
  4. Calendar is to be filled out with all names and hours working (attached)
  5. A new calendar will be sent out for you to complete/confirm along with a copy for you to document info on.
  6. Every Monday please take a picture of it and text 734.323.8324 or email to that all hours are completed and to bill it out.
  7. Email to the office email the schedule for each month.
  8. If you have a new person wanting to work have them do an online application on our website
  9. We will text them the info needed for them to log in for documenting information the billing for you
  10.  Everything mailed to you will have a returned envelope stamped and ready for easy return.
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